Exploring the Beautiful Town of Ilikecomox


Welcome to Ilikecomox, an enchanting town situated on the east shoreline of Vancouver Island in English Columbia, Canada. This unlikely treasure is frequently neglected by vacationers, however when you visit, you’ll comprehend the reason why local people and guests the same can’t get enough of this pleasant town. From dazzling sea shores to delightful fish, there’s something for everybody in Ilikecomox. In this article, we’ll investigate what makes this town so exceptional and why you ought to add it to your movement list of must-dos.

The History of Ilikecomox

Early Settlements

Ilikecomox has a rich history going back millennia. The region was first occupied by the K’ómoks First Country, who lived off the land and ocean. They were known for their fishing abilities and their perplexing cedar carvings. Today, you can in any case see the impact of the K’ómoks nation in the town’s way of life and workmanship.

European Exploration

In the last part of the 1700s, European voyagers showed up nearby and laid out a general store. The town was named after Chief George Richards’ boat, HMS Comox. It was only after the mid 1900s that turned into a well known location for travelers, because of its gentle environment and wonderful landscape.

Military Presence

During The Second Great War, Ilikecomox assumed a huge part as an army installation for the Imperial Canadian Flying corps. The base was utilized for preparing pilots and as a refueling stop for planes traveling to Asia. After the conflict, the base was changed over into a non military personnel air terminal, which is still in activity today.

Things to Do in Ilikecomox

Explore the Beaches

Ilikecomox is home to probably the most lovely sea shores on Vancouver Island. Make a beeline for Goose Spit Park for a loosening up day of sunbathing and swimming. You can likewise investigate the close by trails for a beautiful climb or bicycle ride. Assuming that you’re feeling daring, take a stab at stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking in the quiet waters.

Visit Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park

This noteworthy site is a must-visit for history buffs and nature darlings the same. The hotel was worked in 1929 and has been perfectly protected, exhibiting the craftsmanship of the time. The encompassing park is a peaceful desert spring with staggering nurseries, strolling ways, and different occasions over time.

Indulge in Fresh Seafood

Being a beach front town, Ilikecomox is known for its heavenly fish. Make a beeline for the Comox Harbor for various cafés offering new fish dishes. Try not to pass up attempting the nearby claim to fame, spot prawns, which are just accessible for a brief period throughout the spring.

Where to Stay in Ilikecomox

Comox Valley Inn & Suites

Situated in the core of Ilikecomox, this inn offers agreeable rooms and suites at a reasonable cost. It’s inside strolling distance to numerous attractions and cafés, settling on it a helpful decision for voyagers.

Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa

For a rich stay, look at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa. This beach front retreat offers shocking perspectives, a spa, and different exercises like yoga and kayaking. It’s the ideal spot to unwind and loosen up while partaking in the excellence of Ilikecomox.

Airbnb Rentals

For a more special encounter, consider remaining in one of the numerous Airbnb rentals accessible in Ilikecomox. From comfortable lodges to waterfront homes, there’s something for each financial plan and inclination. Besides, you’ll get to encounter the town like a neighborhood.

Best Time to Visit Ilikecomox

The best opportunity to visit is throughout the mid year months when the weather conditions is warm and radiant. Be that as it may, assuming you lean toward a calmer and more financial plan accommodating outing, consider visiting in the shoulder times of spring or fall. The town likewise has different celebrations and occasions over time, so make certain to actually take a look at the schedule prior to arranging your outing.

Getting Around Ilikecomox

The most effective way to get around is via vehicle. You can lease a vehicle at the air terminal or in neighboring urban communities like Courtenay or Nanaimo. On the other hand, you can likewise investigate the town by bicycle or by walking. Numerous attractions are inside strolling distance, and there are additionally bicycle rental shops accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in Ilikecomox?

Ilikecomox has a gentle environment with warm summers and gentle winters. The typical temperature in the mid year is around 20°C, while in the colder time of year, it floats around 5°C.

Is Ilikecomox a family-friendly destination?

Indeed, Ilikecomox is an incredible objective for families. There are a lot of outside exercises for youngsters, like ocean side days, climbing, and untamed life seeing.

Can I go whale watching in Ilikecomox?

Indeed, there are a few visit organizations that deal whale watching visits from Ilikecomox. The best opportunity to recognize whales is among April and October.

Are there any wineries in Ilikecomox?

Indeed, there are a couple of wineries in the Comox Valley district, including Beaufort Grape plantation and Bequest Winery and 40 Bunches Grape plantation and Domain Winery.

What is the closest airport to Ilikecomox?

The Comox Valley Air terminal is found right beyond and offers trips to significant urban areas in Canada.

In Conclusion

Ilikecomox might be an unassuming community, yet it’s loaded with appeal and excellence. From its rich history to its staggering sea shores and delectable fish, there’s something for everybody in this unlikely treasure on Vancouver Island. So whenever you’re arranging an excursion to English Columbia, make certain to add Ilikecomox to your schedule. You will not be disheartened.

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